Joern Daudert

- Solution Consultant -

About Me

Moin! Glad you found me, even if it was perhaps only a misclick. After graduating as a media manager B.A. I quickly realized that online is my thing. In my spare time I have of course always been into online things but then I quickly realized that there is more I can do. So I started to work as a web analyst at a fashion retailer in Hamburg. Along the way, I built up a fitness brand with two friends, which we then sold in 2018. Right after that, my path led me to Adobe, where I am. Here I also worked in various positions and areas, you can find all the details on Linkedin Profile.

What am i am good at?

Online marketing, setting up online business systems, websites & blogs, tracking, web analytics, A/B testing and much more. I think I have an understanding of both the technical and the marketing aspect and that's why I like to be used as a hybrid for the different worlds. The constant need to question facts and (if possible) implement it myself not only makes my everyday life easier, but also the everyday life of many of my colleagues.

That's always the part I don't like. I usually don't think much of certificates, any training, business coaches or the kind of thing that you forget about after 1 year of not using it. I usually try to approach it the other way around. Means I notice in my everyday life at this point I lack knowledge, I should still learn. A simple example from 2017, where I quickly realized that my web knowledge at this point was not sufficient for our fitness project requirements. So I learned the basics of Javascript and Python to be able to implement our requirements myself.

It is important for me to believe in things and to simplify certain procedures. Constant optimization is part of my DNA and I hope to make the world a little better in the long run.

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Jörn Daudert

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